Assam Tea Gardens .

Assam is one of the world`s largest tea producing areas yielding roughly 200,000 tons of tea per year.Generally speaking in the world of tea,the best teas are grown higher up the mountains of Darjeeling and Sikkim.

The Assam Valley is an exception to this rule,producing excellent black teas at lower altitudes. Assam tea is known for its strength,dark color and rich malty flavour.

The Assam Valley floods every year during the monsoon season when the heat and humidity turn the entire region into a giant greenhouse.It`s a challenging environment due to hot weather and flooding,but is a perfect place to grow tea.The climate, the rich soil and the indigenous tea plants give Assam tea its characteristic strong,full bodied taste and flavour.This Indian variety or `jat` of the tea was introduced in the 1800`s and is superior to the chinese variety. Photos: Pablo Bartholomew/

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